I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and had a mastectomy, I struggled to find any mastectomy bra’s that fitted well and any that made me feel like I hadn’t had a mastectomy, I have had a few embarrassing moments especially  when I was on holiday, I also struggled with buying tops and dresses as I was still trying to look good in my clothes, but noticed the style in my clothes had changed because of the mastectomy bra’s not doing what I needed them to do.  I decided I had to try something that would be more comforting and less embarrassing.  This is how I came up with the idea of already fitted mastectomy bra’s. I now make mastectomy bras with the prosthesis built into the mastectomy side cup or Bothe cups, these are all made using lightweight non-allergic fillings and materials. I can now wear different styles of bra’s with the mastectomy breast fitted, so no more embarrassing moments, and I can now buy nicer dresses and tops without worrying about my mastectomy letting me down, and nobody notices


I am in the early stages of starting my charity (Second Chance) which is to help people who have had long life Threatening Illnesses.

I was ill for almost a year, after my treatment I struggled to get back to normality and back into society.

When my Treatment had finished, so did all the appointments with my nurse, and doctors etc.  Which left me feeling a bit lost and vulnerable, I found it hard to get back into the day to day normal life, I would go to the supermarket and come straight back home without buying anything because I just couldn’t cope with having to think about what to buy even though I had a shopping list.

I would get lost going to places that I had always gone to before, I got lost in conversations, everything confused me, I couldn’t talk without stuttering, I struggled for a long time trying to get back to reality.

Along my cancer journey I met a lot of other cancer sufferers and sufferers of other long illnesses and we all had a lot of the same problems.

Once treatment stops, you only go back for check ups and expected to go back to work, there’s no help between completing treatment and getting back to normality.

Second Chance will be there to offer help and guidance  to those who need this for them to get back into normality without all the struggle.


I have written a book which is a true story about 5 siblings who lived a life of sexual abuse and beatings from their stepfather while their mother did nothing.

Every book sold I will be placing a donation from the sale to Second Chance as my aim is to have a good amount of volunteers so we can help a lot of people who could benefit from our services.

 Promise to you

Suzie Ms Mastectomy Bra’s will always have a good choice of Bra we can also do Bra’s for Double Mastectomy if needed all the fitted mastectomy are light weight which make them more comfortable.  Our aim is to help our customers feel comfortable and confident wearing the mastectomy bra without worrying about any miss haps 

Consultancy Service

Since being diagnosed with cancer, I as well as a lot of other cancer sufferers searched for alternative cures, I did a lot of research about the hemp oil.  I managed to get hold of some hemp oil which was quiet expensive, I took the hemp oil during the 4 weeks of me having all of the test to see if the cancer had spread etc. 

I had an appointment the day before I was to start my chemotherapy, my oncologist examined me and neither her or the nurse could find the smaller cancer.  It had gone, so I knew then that the hemp oil had killed the smaller cancer, so I bought some more, and continued to take the hemp oil all the way through my treatment, the tumour I had was dense and a big size.

I had the aggressive chemo which made me very ill, but the hemp did help me with the pain and sickness.

After my surgery I was told they did not get all of the cancer and would have to go back to surgery for a mastectomy or a scoop, but the scoop had been done to it’s limit so mastectomy was the only option.

I continued to take the hemp oil, went for my mastectomy 3 weeks later, after 2 weeks I went back to see my nurse, that’s when she told me the mastectomy had no cancer present. You can imagine my thoughts.

I now make the hemp oil myself, and I am pleased to say I have managed to help other cancer sufferers cure their cancer and other ailments.  

As well as hemp oil I also make hemp cream, candles, lip sill, and soaps, all of which have great health benefits.


  • Catherine Vander Cammen

    May 8, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Dear Suzie, I was very moved reading your story and in many ways, I can relate to it. I too have had breast cancer and double mastectomies! Holidays are a difficult time for me as I cannot wear clothes I like! I noticed that the bras in the shop are on the small size… I am at the moment a size 42 with B pockets. Would you be able to offer bras in my size?
    Also, I would be interested in Hemp oil/ creme etc… I did not know about the healing qualities of this product… thank you for sharing this!
    I thank you for taking time to reading my comments… I look forward to reading you … Kind regards from Catherine x

    • admin

      May 11, 2019 at 8:56 pm

      Dear Catherine

      Thank you for our comment. I struggled with tops and dresses when I had my mastectomy, also had a few embarrassing moments which led me to making the bra’s with the prosthesis built in and very lightweight. At present I do not have 42B I do have 42C Bra’s which are only one side mastectomy, but I could easily do the other side, I will be restocking the bra’s as they sell, I will make sure I get some 42B Bra’s in and will build in both sides for you.
      I have just done a new batch of the hemp oil creme which is quiet strong, I also have made hemp oil lipsils and soaps the hemp oil is £19.99 for a 50ml pot it spreads far and works quick so will last for a while, the soaps are £3.99 and the lipsils are £1.99 all made with 100% pure Hemp Oil,
      Sorry for taking a while to get back to you there was a slight problem with the site, you can email me on info@suziemillette.com I will get the email straight away, just incase the site wants to be silly again. (this is all early days so will get some teething problems)
      Thank you once again for your comment and I hope this answers your query for you
      Look forward to your reply

      Take care

  • Milli

    July 1, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Suzie, it was great meeting you this weekend. Your story, strength and resilience is amazing.

    Is your book published? And where can I buy one – signed copy I hope 🙂

    Take Care x

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